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McKenzi Burtchaell, Paso Robles Bride May 2015

"Mint Design created my dream wedding! Being someone who loves planning and loves details, I wanted to design my own wedding. In the beginning, I thought I had it all under control. I had the venue and the vendor's but I realized then there were a lot more details than I had anticipated. I hired Mint Design as my day-of coordinator to help with implementing my design the day of the wedding; I thought that would be the only help I needed. However, I didn't realize how much of a positive impact Lotta would make on my experience until I hired her. She did a lot more than just coordinate. She gave me great ideas and of course designed a lot more than she was required to; not only prior to the wedding but also through improvising the day of. A lot of improvising happens the day of the wedding, having a professional to handle this is imperative! It took experiencing my own wedding day to realize how much a coordinator actually does; I could not have done it without her! If I could go back to the beginning, I would have hired Lotta as my full coordinator and designer. Your wedding planning process should be enjoyable, extra stress just takes away from the experience.

The first time I experienced an event planned by Lotta and her team, I was blown away by the creativity of it all! Since then, I have experienced at least five different events that Mint Design has designed and could not be more impressed by their abilities. Lotta is a professional and very well organized, but she is also an extremely talented and unique designer. When Lotta talks about design she lights up with excitement because it is what she is passionate about which truly shows in her work. She is a wonderful and compassionate person and I would hire her again without hesitation"

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