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M I N T  D E S I G N

Lotta Rodriguez | Owner/ Creative Director of MINT DESIGN


Lotta is a destination wedding designer, planner and stylist. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Lotta has many strong ties, connections and outlooks on design that stem from her European heritage. Although Lotta’s style and eye for design takes on a more simplistic, natural and romantic approach with focus on the details most important to her clients. 


MINT DESIGN specializes in wedding/event planning and design. We are dedicated to hand crafting and curating memorable weddings and private events while executing them with the upmost attention to detail. Our founder, Lotta Rodriguez, started event planning for 3 prestigious firms while living in Chicago over her 3-year stay in the metropolitan city. Her experiences there lead her to have big dreams and aspirations, which she took with her to California since she opened her business in 2013. Lotta resides in Bakersfield, California with her husband, one year old daughter and two dogs.

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